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HOANG NU LOC SAN - Hoang Nu Loc San
HOANG NU LOC SAN 10 - Hoang Nu Loc San

Hoang Nu Loc San


What motivated you to join this program?

Becoming a kindergarten teacher was a turning point in my career and life. I have come to realize that I love spending time listening to their stories (even if they don't always make sense), and watching their faces light up with joy. When they call me "cô ơi" (teacher in Vietnamese), it always warms my heart. That's why I want to bring them  more and more happy times during my class. And as a teacher, I have to continually improve my skills and knowledge to create a classroom filled with love and provide my students with engaging and enjoyable learning experiences in the spirit of Neohumanist Education.

Why do you think this program can benefit you?

I understand the importance of having a clear understanding of both Neohumanism and Neohumanist Education, as it is fundamental to all Neohumanist Education teachers. Similar to how a sturdy building requires a solid foundation, I know that I must establish a strong foundation in order to apply this approach effectively in practice.

I can learn how to apply the philosophy to my own classroom curriculum to make it more effective, studying with experienced teachers who have dedicated years to researching and applying the Neohumanist approach to education. I also value the opportunity to seek advice and share my lesson plans, which helps me to resolve any issues that may arise in my class. The program also offers the opportunity to learn from other classmates. Through discussions, we have the chance to share and learn from each other's experiences and insights.

How do you plan to contribute to your community?

At the school where I work, I aim to collaborate with my coworkers in developing an effective curriculum that raises a thirst for knowledge in our students. To achieve this, I plan to use the acquired knowledge and skills that I gained from this course.

Apart from work, I intend to organize workshops, youth camping trips, or cooking classes that incorporate the principles of Neohumanism philosophy. Furthermore, I will offer free weekly yoga classes and group meditation, which can inspire individuals to embark on journeys of self-transformation and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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