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KOMONO NDALLA Jupcy Idcome (Jayagopal)


What motivated you to join this program?

I decided to train as a Neohumanist educator in order to gather the necessary tools that will enable me, by the end of the course, to set up a Neohumanism school to give a quality education to the younger generation, so that they become aware at an early age of the ecological concerns, economic and spiritual issues facing us.

Why do you think this program can benefit you?
This program is very important to me because it will enable me to better understand the Neohumanism philosophy and to better implement it in my country, because current education has not produced good results.

How do you plan to contribute to your community?
I plan to contribute to my community by setting up a Neohumanism school at the end of my studies, and to run a number of projects in partner schools on the importance and benefits of a Neohumanism education in society.

1 KOMONO NDALLA Jupcy Idcome - Komono Ndalla Jupcy Idcome.
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