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Dishita202109-00022 - Paola Ximena Bruzzesi


Paola Ximena Bruzzesi (Dishta)

What motivated you to join this program?

Since I was a little girl I have felt a strong teaching vocation, and from my spiritual awakening, that call deepened and I knew that my purpose in life was to accompany the first years of childhood with the values of yoga and Neohumanism. For more than 15 years I have prepared myself in the area of education, from yoga training, doing experiences in both public and self-managed schools, Waldorf pedagogy, Montessori method, Pedagogy 3000, among others. And although all the experiences have been very nutritious, they did not fulfill my desire to deepen the devotional spirit, meditation and the awareness of love and respect for all creatures. I received the wonderful invitation to work as a teacher in a Neohumanist kindergarten that is part of an Eco-Village in Ireland, the Sunrise farm. In less than three months, my entire life was ordered to be able to take this leap of faith and thus make the transition of my career, and follow the passion of my heart and life purpose of educating our future children.

Why do you think this program can benefit you?

This program benefits me by studying philosophy in a continuous way and with academic depth. It allows me to meet and share experiences with colleagues from different parts of the world, exercise analytical thinking, and learn to use it for planning and developing a curricular program for a Neohumanist kindergarten. In addition to nourishing myself with readings, documentaries, and broader perspectives than what I currently know, I will be able to expand my reach to children.

How do you plan to contribute to your community?

I´m deeply interested in continuing to learn and study in order to better contribute as a teacher in the kindergarten in Ireland, simultaneously developing my current leadership projects in Argentina. In Argentina I lead a Yoga and Cultural Center called "Cultura Dharmika" where many activities contribute to the community. “Seeds of Love” is a workshop based in art and spirituality that offers different activities for children. This workshop has featured the participation of various professionals such as teachers of yoga, theater, body expression, conscious eating, herbalism, storytelling, musical awareness, emotion management, exploration and adventure in nature, among others, all based on Neohumanist philosophy.

I have also been leading parenting circles for families, teachers and therapists where various resources are shared so that adults can develop these types of activities in their respective jobs. While in Ireland I plan to keep regular communication with Villa del Dique local radio in order to share with all in the community the ideal lifestyle.

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