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Tennessee, USA

Yulia Webb

What motivated you to join this program?

Bringing love and peace is my motivation, and going through the Neohumanist Teacher Preparation Program alongside people whose goals are not only to cultivate themselves, but to better the world is the opportunity one can only dream of.

Why do you think this program can benefit you?

The group discussions of our weekly reading assignments, sharing perspectives as residents of various countries and representatives of multitudes of backgrounds, and the encouragement and inspiration the students feel coming from each other, will be of great benefit. As a former teacher with a background in the History of Education, I cannot wait to learn more about the concepts of Neohumanism, and to implement these concepts not within school walls, but in daily life. I hope to pass on to my community everything I learn, and be an example in living what I preach.

How do you plan to contribute to your community?
My hope is to teach a new generation of Neohumanist teachers and to work with the adult population. The area of my interest is the elderly. I would like to provide tools for them to turn bitterness into a smile, hopelessness into joyful reminiscence, grief into gratitude, and fear into sweet acceptance. Many years ago, back when my son was in preschool, he was to fill out blanks in a Mother's Day card. "My mom is great at..." My son answered, "at making magic." And this is how I want to go on: seeing magic in little things and in big ones and showing the delight of the miracle to those who do not. I know that the ability to admire nature or something as simple as hearing a fairy tale with an open heart opens up a door to eternal inner love. My mission is to show the magic, to love, to teach.

Yuliya Webb (18) - Yuliya Webb
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