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Neohumanist College of Asheville

Cultivating a cooperative and compassionate world.

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Welcome to the Neohumanist College of Asheville, located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina! Founded in September 2015, we draw our inspiration from the ancient dictum “Sá  Vidyá  Vimuktaye”, which means, “knowledge for liberation - physical, mental and spiritual.” We strive to elevate the entire humanity to the sublime status of neohumanism through the compassionate and cooperative application of human intellect.  We aim to serve humanity with a Neohumanist spirit and acquire knowledge for that purpose.

“The noblest form of social service is to educate the public and create a sense of consciousness in them. This sense of consciousness is to be inculcated in each and every human being.” 

Shrii P.R. Sarkar

We are excited to celebrate the launch of four flagship programs that aim to cultivate a compassionate and cooperative world. The following academic disciplines offer courses to educators and leaders to develop equitable relationships with people and the planet: (1) Neohumanist Education (2) Transformative Social Sciences (3) Yoga & Intuitional Sciences and (4) Liberating Humanities and Arts.

Upcoming Courses

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Alieta Belle, Educator

"The highlight was when we could share and discuss what we had studied and created - that was so very meaningful and appreciated."


Joao Domingo, Educator

"I see myself applying NHE knowledge in the classroom, in art therapy, with my staff and teachers and becoming more empathetic and less judgmental."


Kalyanii Chew, Administrator

"The Leadership for Social Change course provided a multitude of tools for greater self-understanding and self development."

To further achieve our vision, in 2023, the Neohumanist College of Asheville Press was launched as a children’s book publishing arm of the college. We feel that we are uniquely positioned to publish literature that both inspires and educates. Learn more about our most recent publications - Books for Benevolence.

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Recent Articles

We continue to expand our course offerings and encourage you to watch and read more about our upcoming courses. We are living in a transitional moment in the history of human civilization. This moment calls upon us to equip society with the tools and mentorship to transform people and our planet for the better! 

Please join the mission by enrolling in a course, donating and subscribing to our newsletter.

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