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The NHCA Story

The Neohumanist College of Asheville (NHCA) shares knowledge that cultivates the Neohumanist vision of Indian philosopher, political activist and mystic, Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar. Neohumanism is a philosophy which teaches each student to identify themselves as part of one interconnected universe of all beings. The NHCA offers a hybrid institution of online learning for a global student body with personalized mentoring offered by faculty members. The aim of Neohumanist education is personal and collective transformation for a brighter future for the planet.   


To cultivate a cooperative and compassionate world.

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We apply the Neohumanist Philosophy and the interconnectedness of all things to the life-long education of teachers and leaders and to the development of equitable relationships between people and planet.

Outdoor Education

Meet the Executive Team & Consultants

These highly committed individuals are involved in supporting the day to day operations of the College to ensure our global student body is served well.

Meet the Board of Directors

The highly committed team of individuals drive the long-term organisational strategy and work to bring the mission and vision of the Neohumanist College of Asheville to life.

Meet the Advisory Board

These individuals contribute their expertise to the Board of Directors and Staff.

"We are currently recruiting alumni, community members and other sympathetic leaders who have a passion for Neohumanism and an interest in contributing their skills and talents in an advisory capacity. Please email to submit your interest and learn more."

Meet the Founders

These individuals made the initial investments of time, talent and resources to establish the Neohumanist College of Asheville.

Our Partners

Mountain Breeze Preschool
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