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Transformative Social Sciences

Leadership for Social Change Program

Course Description

This continuing education course, Self, is the first-module of the first level of a three-level leadership development program. The Leadership for Social Change program is a blended learning and coaching approach to leadership development.  The Self module kicks off the leadership development journey supported by a multi-award winning assessment and development tool, Global DISC, to understand why people think  and behave so differently. The journey covers topics such as understanding self, cultural intelligence and inclusion, Neohumanist perspectives, the leadership story, communication for consciousness change and the latest neuroscience on the fastest ways to learn and develop. 


Video Description

Course start date: 9 March 2024 (detailed schedule below)

Start times:

  • APAC to EU Group coaching/workshops: 8.30 am Copenhagen time (Led by Satya Tanner)

  • EU to Americas Group coaching/workshops: 5 pm Copenhagen time (Led by Soraia Mendes & Didi Ananda Devapriya)

"Similar Leadership Courses based in the US can cost anywhere from $2,000 - $4,500.

NHCA offers this course at $1,000 in an effort to make it globally more accessible."

Price: $1,000 USD. 

*Tuition does not include $130 fee for Global DISC Assessment;

*Some group discounts available: After 1 full priced student, each additional student pays only $500, up to five students in a group. Email for coupon details.

Duration: 20 weeks

Americas to Europe calendar:

Americas to EU

Europe to Asia Pacific Calendar:


Course Approach: 

This course revolves around 2 weekends of live workshops where you get to practice leadership skills related to self-development and engaging with others. 

To prepare for the workshops there is a 12-week pre-work phase where you become familiar with the online theory and content, participate in group coaching to reflect on your learnings, set up peer coaching to practice activities, and undertake quests and reflective journaling.

After the workshops we embed the learning by using a coaching approach. We set  bi-weekly learning goals, using action learning loops to take action and reflect on our progress and learning.

Course approach.png

Course Examples: 

Assessment: based on participation and attendance. Most weeks participants will fill out a reflective journal and make commentary on "quests" (such as talking to others about a topic or observing behaviors in their environment). Passing the course requires that all journals and quests are completed, 100% attendance at the workshops and missing no more than 1 group coaching session.

Frequently Asked Questions: See here


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