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Leadership for Social Change Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to complete the self study in accordance with the timetable?

No, you can complete it at your own pace, provided that you are finished before the workshops. The weekly outline is a guide. However some of the group coaching depends on knowledge of concepts covered in the weekly guide. Therefore it's better to be ahead of schedule in your reading and watching, rather than behind schedule.

Are the coaching calls compulsory?

Finishing the course requires that you attend all of the group coaching sessions except 1 (i.e. you are allowed to miss one)

Do I have to do homework?

Aside from reading and watching content, there are quests and reflective journals for you to take action on and to fill out. Submission of all journals and quests is required to finish the course.

Are there any other costs associated with this course?

Yes, there is a one time $130 fee paid to the instructor for the Global DISC Assessment.

Do you offer sliding scale pricing?

Yes, please email: to inquire for more details.

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