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Mariia Artemenko (1) - MARIIA ARTEMENKO
Mariia Artemenko (4) - MARIIA ARTEMENKO


Mariia Artemenko (Maytreii)

What motivated you to join this program?

My very first motivator is my little daughter. This world is accelerating day by day, and childhood is ending earlier for modern children. I would like to give children the opportunity to be children at least a little longer, to reveal their nature, to explore the world on their own, to be safe. Neohumanistic education is very close to my worldview. Therefore, I hope that having received more systematic knowledge in this area, I will be more effective in implementing this idea.

Why do you think this program can benefit you?

This program brought together the most amazing people! Very inspired, focused on bringing something good and better into this world. People who work intensively in the children's area have varied and rich experiences. I am sure that I can learn a lot of useful things from such people. I'm already very inspired.

How do you plan to contribute to your community?

I want to organize a space for children, a kindergarten or school, a place where children can be friends, play together and at the same time receive a decent education. I want to empower children who will learn from childhood to communicate with each other, come up with projects and implement them together for the benefit of others.

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